Taghazout, The surfers heaven

A few miles from Agadir, Taghazout awaits you with a different kind of fun. This former fishing village has become a modern resort with great potential where surfing and other sports that can be practiced on the surface of the water are the main attraction. Taghazout is known by its wonderful scenes. Here The sun shines all year round, the four miles of beaches surrounded by the high Atlas Mountains. The argan forest that stretches along the beach gives visitors a unique and varied natural view.

The resort itself houses famous hotels and original wooden chalets for comfort during your stay. Taghazout is also a world-famous surfing point. If you are a fan of water sports, this is the place for you. Winds pound the Atlantic Ocean with gorgeous canals that have made this legendary location a destination for surfers since the 1970s.

When to surf in Taghazout?

taghazout waves
taghazout surfing

It is during the winter that the surfing season is in full swing in Taghazout and (all along the Moroccan coast, for that matter). Now, when I say high surf season, I mean huge waves that experienced surfers will love.

For beginners and intermediates, there is no need to go there only in December/January/February (high surf season), the waves are generally good from October/November until March/April will delight most of those who want to learn to surf.

Fish market in Taghazout

The economy of Taghazout depends on sea fishing, as sailors use small boats sometimes equipped with motors, and the types of fish they catch differ. The focus is on fishing for octopus and calamari more than other species due to their high price, and they are sold in the fish market by public auction or called Marchi, but production was very weak During recent years for not adhering to the biological rest period.

taghazout boats

The Culture

In the village of Taghazout, there are more than 15 associations, including Berber cultural, development and professional associations, agricultural cooperatives or coastal fishing. The associations make an effort to educate the population and eradicate their illiteracy. Despite this, there are no youth roles and associations rely on their own capabilities.

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